Elizabeth A. Banas
(413) 323-6878


My services include but are not limited to: retrieval and analysis of deeds, probate records, vital statistics, census records, naturalization records, house histories and Massachusetts military pension files and cemetery research. I will also photograph sites related to your family research.
Additional Research Services Include:
Research plan and copy of research log
Analysis of findings/report
Recommendations for future research
Cited copies of documents including abstracts and transcriptions


My fee is $40 per research hour. A minimum retainer of $100 is required in advance of commencing research. If research hours are less than two hours, the fee will be prorated. Research charges include preparation time and written reports. Copies of documents will be charged .50 per page or the same rate charged by the research facility or repository. Research resulting in negative findings will also be charged the hourly rate.

Fees may also apply to:
Postage, parking, long distance telephone calls (outside of the continental United States), microfilm rental and other incidental expenses required by the client, such as professional printing, specialty paper and other items not used in the transaction of routine business.

Mileage is charged as a research hours. (Ex. 1.5 hours of travel=$52.50)

I have read the explanation of services and fees and agree to the terms.


E.A. Banas Genealogy Services Client Agreement
Elizabeth A. Banas
85 North Main Street
Belchertown, MA 01007
(413) 323-6878

Research Request

Please provide the following information on this form or on attached sheets: Names/Names to be researched. Please provide maiden names, if known. To avoid being charged for research which was completed prior to this agreement, please provide all information you have compiled pertinent to the person or family to be researched. Please include copies of records you already have that are relevant to this research request. This information may be forwarded as an email attachment.

Limitations (ex. time, specific person or line) _____________________________

(Please read and sign the explanation of fees before signing this agreement).

Enclosed is the initial retainer fee of $200. Additional ________hours are authorized. The remaining balance is due upon completion of the research.

Requests that require less than five research hours require a $100 retainer.