Elizabeth’s Completed Projects

Most of Elizabeth’s client research is confidential. For this reason many of her completed projects are not included in this resume.

The Daily Mail (UK): Background research

“Exclusive: Investigation of Rachael Dolezal’s Roots” (16 June 2015)

“Revealed: The Three Slave-Owning Ancestors Ben Affleck Didn’t Want You To Know About” (23 April 2015)

“Meet the family! How Harry’s American girl’s ancestors were a tailor, a teacher and a cleaner in racially-divided Jim Crow South – while his were ruling the British Empire” (4 Nov 2016).

Family Chronicle Magazine:

“Finding John and Hannah’s House” (Sept./Oct. 2013)


“The True Story of the Clarks (1837-1955) : A Cutlery Village Family” (Aug 2015) See a preview at Amazon.com.

“Mary’s Garden” (2002)

Compiled Genealogies:

“The Greene Family of Sherbrook, Canada and Belchertown, Massachusetts” (2011)