A message from Elizabeth:

Welcome to E.A. Banas Genealogy Services!

If your ancestors have a connection to Hampshire, Franklin and Berkshire Counties in Massachusetts, you've come to the right place for research assistance.

My services include retrieval and analysis of deeds, probate records, vital statistics, census records, naturalization records, house histories, cemetery research and Massachusetts military pension files. I will also photograph sites related to your family research.

You can view my fee schedule by clicking on the order research tab at the top of the page.

If you have a specific research problem or genealogy project and wish to order research, I may be reached by email at EABanas123@ hotmail.com or by calling 1-413-323-6878. 

I have been engaged in genealogy research for 17 years. I am a member of the Association for Professional  Genealogists, New England Association for Professional Genealogists and The National Genealogical Society. 


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